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  • New women's collection

    2015-04-28 - 4 comments

    Last April, we launched the HETZL's new women's collection

    A preview of this collection could be seen in last December in the LABshop Market of LABoral. There we could experience the success of many of the new items: sweatshirts, T-shirts, shirts and denim bags.

    For this new women’s´ collection we have opted for long sleeves and limited editions of 30 units per design. Five sweatsshirts in different styles and a denim shirt, accompanied by a denim travel bag and our graphic T-shirts.

    Refractiona grey sweatshirt with boat neck, is the star within this collection. Its cut allows different ways to wear this sweater. It is silk printed on the front with an abstract and geometrical representation of light refraction.

    Women's sweatshirt Refraction

    DNM '78 is an unisex denim shirt with slim cut. Manufactured in denim cotton, this dark blue shirt has the HETZL logo embroidered in white and orange. The buttons of the sleeves allow rolling up the sleeves and transforming the shirt in a short sleeves shirt whenever we want.

    Women's denim shirt DNM '78

    DNM TripIn combination with DNM '78, this denim bag is the perfect companion for weekend getaways or gym sessions. Manufactured in cotton with a zip, the bag is equipped with an outer pocket and an adjustable strap. Like it is the case of the denim shirt, the bag has the HETZL logo embroidered in white and orange thread.

    Travel bag DNM Trip

    Catcher is a fine baseball sweater on white and grey. Its fabric allows us using this tem both as long sleeves shirt and as a sweatshirt. This item is inspired in the vintage culture of the American 1980es

    Women's baseball sweatshirt Catcher

    Uppercase is a typographic cotton sweater, with an uppercase “H” silk-screened on it, combined with red lines playing with the visual perception of depth.

    Women's sweatshirt Uppercase

    FussThis black hoodie is inspired in the kits of sport clubs. The HTZ letters are printed on its front like a coat of arms. With zip and hood, this sweater is inviting us to use it to complement a casual look.

    Women's hoodie Fuss

    HTZ is a black typographic sweater. Manufactured in cotton, it has the HTZ letters silk-screened in a washed-out effect on its front.

    Women's sweatshirt HTZ

    As we mentioned earlier, in this new women's section you may also find most of our graphic T-shirts – the ideal garment for this summer.

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  • HETZL at the LABshop Market organized by LABoral

    2014-12-17 - 10 comments

    During the last weekend, December, 13th – 14th, HETZL was present at a new edition of the LABshop flea market organized by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Art and Industrial Creation Centre).

    The Gijón Art Centre is promoting since 2008, with the successive editions of this market, the sake of exclusive products designed by regional artists: design T-shirts, badges, pictures, post cards, decorative objects, jewelry… At the same time, this initiative brings art closer to children, with workshops organized during the market days. 

    HETZL was present at the Christmas edition of the LABoral market, together with Fusion Street, and accompanied by other Spanish brands, like Dolfie, p o é m a p e or Modernaked.

    Dozens of designers from Asturias met close to our booth were, among other, the Aventuras Literarias editorial company, Okappi with its exclusive furniture manufactured with recycled materials or To the Wild with its famous teepees.

    The slogan of this year´s LABshop market, “handmade with love”, is a good description of our products. For this reason, HETZL presented part of its 2015 Collection, with a limited edition of design T-shirts and handmade graphic sweaters. During the two days of the market, we experienced the warm acceptance of our products by the visitors.

    We want to thank the people of Fusion Street for relying once again on us, as well as the organization of the LABshop market and the staff of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Art and Industrial Creation Centre) for making this market possible.

    We want to also thank all the other artists, brands and stores, and all the visitors during this weekend.

    You can see pictures of the event in our social networks, Facebook and Pinterest.

    You can also read more about this market:

    -          LABoral Centro de Arte

    -          El Comercio

    -          La Nueva España

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  • HETZL at the Rave Market SamyRoad

    2014-10-15 - 2 comments

    Last Sunday, October, 6th, we attended a new edition of the Rave Market at Sala Shoko, the in well-known La Latina District in Madrid – between the Rastro Flea Market and Lavapiés -. The session was celebrated from 12:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.

    This issue of the Rave Market in Shoko, a market already operating for two years and which enhances recycling and exchange of second hand goods, reserved a full floor to SamyRoad hosting HETZL.

    SamyRoad is an already well-known social network for trends, an online fashion platform in which not only fashion trends are present, but also travels, arts, music, audiovisual… Thus, it becomes a community to share content and also to purchase.

    Along with HETZL, in this SamyRoad area were other brands and shops, like Luceral, Ganga Shop, Jumper It!, Somewhear, Baraka, Dimuff, Fuimine, Monks, Four Cottons, Amintas Fashion, Gossips made me famous or TheLucius…

    HETZL presented its T-shirts collection in what was our first market During the nine hours of the Rave Market, we could perceive the great acceptance of our items by the attendants.

    We from HETZL want to thank SamyRoad for inviting us on this occasion, and the Rave Market organization to make our attendance possible.

    We also want to express our gratitude to the rest of the brands and shops, to the INdiyeis, who contributed the music, and to all visitors during this Sunday.

    You can see more images of the event in the social networks: Facebook y Pinterest.

    And also on SamyRoad´s website:

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  • HETZL Summer Collection fashion show

    2014-07-21 - 2 comments

    We presented our Summer Collection on July, 18th, during an event organized for the 40th anniversary of the famous hairdresser and stylist Luis Macavi and Hugo López, in appreciation of their contribution to the style avant-garde in Northern Spain. 

    HETZL was the brand chosen to dress the masculine models. We had the chance the present the Collection in the open air in an unmatched setting: the access gangway to the Oscar Niemeyer International Culture Centre in the coastal village of Avilés, a post-industrial setting on the coast of the Cantábrico Sea characterized by its cultural offer and its halfway setting between the beach and the mountains.

    Music, fashion and style were the stars of this fashion parade, presented by María Álvarez, the TV presenter. Recognized international models like Mister Universe, Carlos Maturana, Mister Spain, Luis Gallardo, or the models John Ramos and Segis Trigo wore the designs of the new HETZL Summer Collection. We loved seeing Carlos Maturana wearing the CURCH model or how DOWNSIDE looked when Segis wore it, or John the ABSTRACT LOVE. Here are the pictures of the show. We hope you will enjoy them.

    Carlos Maturana wearing CHURCH design tee

    Carlos Maturana wearing CHURCH design tee

    Model wearing BIG X design tee

    Model wearing FORK design tee

    Model wearing THE BLOCK design tee

    Model wearing DIAMOND design tee

    Model wearing DIAMOND design tee

    John Ramos wearing ABSTRACT LOVE design tee

    John Ramos wearing ABSTRACT LOVE design tee

    Carlos Maturana John Ramos wearing LESS IS HETZL - BLACK design tee

    Segis Trigo wearing DOWNSIDE design tee

    Model wearing OVERCONSTRUCTION design tee

    Model wearing LEOPARD design tee

    Model wearing HETZ DC design tee

    Model wearing LESS IS HETZL - WHITE design tee

    John Ramos wearing DAVID design tee

    Carlos Maturana and models wearing HTZL summer collection

    Finally, we want to thank all participants and the public for the warm welcome of the collection and also the rest of the participants involved in the event. 

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