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The start of a clothing company focused on creative people


Almost 8 years have passed since HETZL surged as the project of a group of designers with large experience in the fields of graphic design, illustration and visual communication. Finally, and after so long and so many delays, we can assure that we have made our dream to build a clothing and accessories brand come true. HETZL is inspired in design, the arts and culture; it aims at offering high value products for all those who lived obsessed by graphic design, photography, architecture or any other kind of sensorial experimentation linked to creativity. 

Tshirt design process

In this first collection, we have drink from different sources, mainly geometry and abstraction, identifying the existing gap in the dressing graphic products in today´s market. We have avoided profusion and ornaments to search for a clear and direct message seasoned with fresh and radiant summer colors.


tshirt design process


Another important ingredient of the designs is the use of typography; we are actual “type-addicts”. We are passionate of the graphic forms of letters and their rotundity. This is the reason why our designs are mainly typographical. We have also recalled Mies van der Rohe and we start our series of famous sentences of design and art history. In the future, we will recall Josef Albers, Marcel Breuer or Paul Rand. They all have their brains in HETZL.

 tshirt design process

With regard to production, for this first collection we have mainly leaned on serigraphy with artisanal manufacturing. We have elaborated the T-shirts with the highest possible quality, fresh and light, but ensuring durability wash after wash. We have used edge cutting serigraphy techniques to alleviate the ink load on ten dark colored T-shirts and accomplish a touch that becomes increasingly soft the more you wash the T-shirt. The impressions are especially large, of 50 cm height; we love that the logos occupy as much space as possible, you know: “Please print the logo at a larger sizeJ”. We also have printed the pieces with a distinctive, not disturbing identifier, without labels.

tshirt design process


Each T-shirt of our new collection is the summary of a great effort in design and manufacturing which we hope will please you as much as it pleases us.

Send us your comments; take part in our Facebook page to get promotional codes or free T-shirts, follow us in Twitter… HETZL is nothing without you, 


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