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Legal notice


In compliance of our obligation to inform, included in Article 10 of the current Law 34/2002, of July, 11th, on Services if the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that the company in charge of the website from which you can download different applications is PROUN MEDIA S.L, with VAT number B74285974, with domicile in CALLE SAN BERNARDO Nº 3, 2º A 33401 – AVILES (ASTURIAS), with Internet domain, registered in the Mercantile Register of ASTURUAS, in Volume 3849, Book 0, Sheet 148, Page AS 41379, 3rd inscription. We will attend communications of the users / interested individuals at the following e-mail address:


In accordance with Art, 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December, 13th, PROUN MEDIA S.L, is informing its Users that any data voluntarily supplied by the users through the forms of this website shall be kept on file. The owner of this file is PROUN MEDIA S.L. We also inform you that as a user and a citizen, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the postal address shown in this legal notice. Please send your letters to the “Responsable de Seguridad”.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. fully complies with the norms on data protection in force and especially with the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of December, 13th, on Personal Data Protection and with the Ley 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce as well as with any other legislation ruling the activity sector in which PROUN MEDIA S.L. is active.

Should PROUN MEDIA S.L. require an e-mail from you, this will be with the purpose of sending you communications on the company, which in most of the cases could be advertising. These notifications are sent to you because you have marked the corresponding field and therefore we understand that you have expressly given your consent to receive advertising.

In accordance with the provisions of the laws in force, PROUN MEDIA S.L. exclusively stores the data strictly needed to offer the services derived from this activity and the other services and activities attributed by the Law.

This data protection policy may vary from time to time due to possible changes in legislation, the legal precedents, or the criteria adopted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de Datos) and/or the competent authorities in each moment. For this reason, PROUN MEDIA S.L. reserves the right to modify this legal notice to adjust it to the legislative news or new jurisprudence in force in any precise moment when the websites are acceded to as well as to the industry practices.

If these changes happen, PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall announce on its website the changes introduced with in advance before putting them into practice.


Any data supplied by e-mail or electronic forms shall be treated according to the laws in force on personal data protection and shall be confidential in any case for the employees of PROUN MEDIA S.L. handling this information. These employees shall sign the confidentiality contracts established within our Company and its employees.

Information on the wish to leave data and its consequences


Website Users are informed that the answer to all questions posted in the data compilation forms contained in this website have volunteer character, although the refusal to provide the requested data may imply the denial for acceding to the demanded services.


Through the implementation of the forms included in the different websites referred to the services rendered by PROUN MEDIA S.L., the Users accept the inclusion of the data supplied in a personal data file and their treatment. The owner of this file is PROUN MEDIA S.L. Users may exercise their rights according to the next provision.

Information on the user's right to rectify, acced, oppose and cancel the data

As previously announced, the Users may exercise, with regard to the data compiled as explained in the section above, the rights recognized by the Ley Orgánca 15/1999, and in particular, the rights to accede, rectify, oppose and/or cancel the data. These rights may be exercised by each User with a written and signed enquiry, accompanied by a photocopy of the Personal Identity Card or Passport, sent to:

33402 – AVILES

Likewise, if any User does not want to receive information via the e-mail or any other mean, the User may communicate this by any means providing evidence to PROUN MEDIA S.L. to the address shown above.

Information on the data stored

Data stored

We will store exclusively the contact data (basic character) like the name, family name, e-mail address, phone, etc. This information is received by PROUN MEDIA S.L. and shall never be sold, leased or rented to any other company, except for rendering the service offered.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. is responsible of these personal data files, created by and for PROUN MEDIA S.L. with the purpose of maintaining and managing the files with regard to the Users, information and distribution of products of the Organization as well as the execution of diverse activities.

For wich purpose

Likewise, we inform you that the information included in the data bases may be ides to identify the Users and for the preparation of statistical surveys on the registered Users.

During the data compiling process and whenever data are required, the Users shall be informed of the mandatory or voluntary character of the data collection and – if not implicitly deduced from the electronic form – of the need of supplying these data to allow Users get access to certain facilities of the websites.

When applicable, we will the User´s consent to allow PROUN MEDIA S.L. using the data with the aim of remitting information regarding the Company, its activities or other related subjects.

Commitment of the user to have its data in a file

Introducing the data in some of the data capturing pages implies acceptance of these conditions and the privacy policy. The user accepts that he has been informed about the conditions of use and the legal notice and that he / she is committed to them when he / she browses

Avoidance of data transmission to third companies without the user's express consent

Likewise, and unless the User has been informed about the possible assignment of his data to third parties and he has given his consent, no third party outside from PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall never access to these data without the express consent by the User, unless required by the laws in force. In the rest of the cases, PROUN MEDIA S.L shall cooperate with the third parties in order to ensure that they comply with the laws in forces, although the responsibility shall be exclusively of these third parties.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not sell, rent or assign the personal data of the users of this website unless this is necessary for rendering the service.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not sell, rent or assign the e-mail addresses of the users of this website unless this is necessary for rendering the service.

Unsubscribe from the distribution list

From time to time, PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall send an e-mail announcing improvements, news or offers on this website of PROUN MEDIA S.L. Users may unsubscribe in any moment sending an e-mail to

Responsibilities of the users for use and content

Both the access to the websites and the possible use of the information and the contents included in them shall be of the exclusive responsibility of the User.

For this reason, the use than can be made of the information, images, contents and/or products shown on the website and accessible through it is subject to the applicable legality, either national or international, as well as to the principles of good faith and licit use by the Users, who shall be entirely responsible of said access and correct use.

The Users shall be obliged to make a reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and laws in force, morality, public order, the rights of thirds or of PROUN MEDIA S.L., all of these in accordance with the possibilities and purposes for which they have been conceived. PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, for emerging harm or lost profits derived from improper use of the services or contents made by Users or third parties.

The User concept

The use of the website attributes the User condition and implies the full acceptance and without any reserves of all and any of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by PROUN MEDIA S.L. in the moment the User accedes to the website. Consequently, the User shall carefully read this Legal Notice every times he decides to use the website, because these may have suffered changed.

Official language of the website

The official language of the website is Spanish. For this reason, the original provisions in Spanish language shall be binding, both with regard to the Legal Notice and the terms and conditions of use.

Social networks

PROUN MEDIA S.L. has or may have a profile registered in the main social networks. In all social networks in which the Company is present, it declares that the company is responsible for the users´ data treatment and/or followers. The treatment PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall make of these data shall be the treatment allowed by the social network to the corporate profiles within its policies as social network. So, PROUN MEDIA S.L. may inform its followers by any mean allowed by the social network on its activities, new products and events, as well as on customized customer attention services offers. PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not extract data from the social networks, unless receiving the punctual and express of the user.

Information on links

PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not be responsible of third parties´ websites than can acceded to through links or any link put at disposal by third parties.

Any use of these links or access to a third party´s website is made voluntarily by the User at his sole own risk. PROUN MEDIA S.L. does not recommend nor ensures any information obtained through a third party link; it shall neither be responsible for any loss, claim or harm derived by the bad use of a link or the information obtained through the link, including other links or websites, the service interruption or the access or the trial to use or badly use a link, both when connecting to the website of PROUN MEDIA S.L. and acceding to the information of other websites from the website of PROUN MEDIA S.L.

Information on the use of cookies - cookies policy

This website may be using cookies on some of its pages. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service offered to its customers and our visitors. Should cookies be installed, the administrator of this website shall require your consent and you will have the option of accepting it.

Art. 22 LSSI. - “The service suppliers may use data storage and recovery devices at the terminals of the addresses provided they have given their consent after receiving clear and comprehensive information on their use, in particular with regard to the aim the data treatment in accordance with the provisions of the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of December, 13th, on Personal Data Protection. Whenever it is technically possible and of efficacy, the consent of the addressee to accept the data treatment may by facilitated by the use of appropriate parameters of the browser or of other applications, provided that the browser requires configuration during its installation or updating through and express action. This will not prevent the possible storage or Technical access in order to execute the transmission of a Communication through an electronic communications network o, when strictly necessary, for rendering a service expressly required by the addressee”.

A ”cookie” is a little file stored in a User´s PC allowing us recognizing the user. The ser of “cookies” helps us to improve the quality of our website, allowing us controlling which pages are useful for our user and which are not.

As User of the website, you may BLOCK or REJECT THE INSTALLATION OF A COOKIE as explained in this link:

Although cookies are essential for the correct operation of the Internet, adding numerous benefits to the interactive services, facilitating browsing and using our website. Cookies cannot damage your hardware; cookies help us to identify and correct errors.

The information shown hereunder will help you to understand the different cookies types:

  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies staying in your browser until you exit the website. For this reason, no one of these cookies is registered on the user´s hard disk. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyze the website traffic patterns. In the long-term, this allows us offering the user a better experience to improve the content and the use of the website.
  • Permanent cookies: They are stored on the hard disk and our website reads them every time the user visits the website again. A permanent cookie has a certain expiry date. The cookie will not operate after this date. In general, we use permanent cookies to facilitate the purchase and registration services.

Likewise, we inform you that cookies allow obtaining the following information:

  • On which date and at which hour the user visited the website for the last time
  • Content design the user choose during the first visit to the website
  • Safety elements intervening in the access control to restricted areas
  • Other information of certain specific cookies

In any case, and in compliance with the “Ley de Cookies” (Cookies Act) Ley 13/2012, of March, 30th, and of Art. 22 of the LSSI, our website will require your consent prior to the installation of any cookie when you index our website address.

In some cases, the fact of not accepting the installation of cookies, our website may not allow continuing browsing and some of our services could not operate correctly.

Within this website, two different cookie types may be used. We distinguish these:

  • Strictly necessary cookies like for instance those allowing a correct browsing or those allowing the payment for goods or services purchases or demanded by the user, or cookies to assure that the website content is uploaded correctly and efficiently
  • Third party cookies are cookies used by the social networks or by external content complements like for instance Google Maps, social networks, etc.
  • Analytical cookies with the purpose of periodical maintenance and to ensure the best possible service to the user. Usually, analytical cookies are used to compile statistical activity data.

In any case, if you accept the installation of any cookie, we show below the name of those cookies our website may install and use.

DOMAINCOOKIE NAMEPURPOSEEXPIRY __utma Identifies the browser used by the user 2 years __utmb Identifies unique users for statistical purposes 30 minutes __utmc Identifies unique users for statistical purposes Logout __utmz Identifies how the user has reached the website 6 months NID Used to manage advertising 48 hours __atuvc Site statistics with Addthis 2 years loc Site statistics with Addthis 2 years uid Site statistics with Addthis 2 years

PROUN MEDIA S.L has followed the criteria and recommendations of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, included in the “2103 Guía para el uso de las Cookies” (2013 Cookies Use Guide).

Waiver and responsibility limitation

The information and services included or available through the websites may include inaccuracies or typing errors. Changes of the information contained are incorporated from time to time. PROUN MEDIA S.L. may introduce in any moment improvements and/or changes of the services or contents.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. has obtained the information and materials included in the website from sources considered reliable. Although the maximum care has been taken to ensure that the information contained is correct, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate and updated.

We also notify that the contents of this website have informative character with regard to the quality, the location, the hosting and the services and rates of PROUN MEDIA S.L.

Information on the exemption of responsibility for any technical and content failure

PROUN MEDIA S.L. declines any responsibility in case of interruptions or a faulty operation of the services or contents offered in the Internet due to whatsoever cause. Likewise, PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not be responsible for network failure, benefits lost derived from network failure, temporary electrical power supply interruptions or any other indirect harm that may be caused to the User due to reasons outside the control of PROUN MEDIA S.L.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. does not declare or ensure that the services or contents cannot be interrupted or are free of errors, that the errors are corrected or that the service or the server putting them at disposal are free of viruses or other damaging components. However, PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall exercise its best efforts to avoid this kind of incidents. Should the User take certain decisions or execute certain actions based on the information included in any of our websites, we recommend checking the information received with other sources.

Industrial and intellectual property

The contents offered by PROUN MEDIA S.L. as well as the contents as the contents published through its websites constitute a “work” in the sense of the laws in intellectual property. For this reason, they are protected by the international laws and conventions applicable.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, provision and in general any other exploitation referred both to the websites as well as to their content and information without the prior and express prior approval of PROUN MEDIA S.L. is forbidden.

As a consequence, the contents shown on the different websites and especially the designs, texts, graphs, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or any other sign susceptible of intellectual and industrial and commercial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of PROUN MEDIA S.L. or the third party owners having duly approved their inclusion in the different websites.

The content, images, forms, opinions, indexes and other formal expressions being part of the websites, as well as the software required for operating and visualizing them constitute as well a “work” in the sense of the Author´s Rights Act and are therefore protected by the international conventions and international laws with regard to intellectual property applicable. Any breech shall imply the commission of sever wrongdoing and the prosecution by the civil and criminal legislation.

Any act by which the Users of the services or contents may directly or indirectly exploit or commercially use partially or in total any of the contents, images, forms, indexes and other former expressions that are part of the websites without the prior and written approval by PROUN MEDIA S.L. is forbidden. More precisely and without limitative character, the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, broadcasting, emission in any form, storage on physical or logical means (like for instance diskettes or hard disk), digitalization or provision from data bases different to those authorized by PROUN MEDIA S.L. are forbidden, as well as their translation, adaptation or any other transformation of said opinions, images, forms, indexes and other formal expression provided to the Users through these services or contents to the extent that these acts are subject to the applicable intellectual, industrial or image protection laws.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. is free to limit the access to the websites and to the products and/or websites offered as well as the subsequent publishing of opinions, remarks, images or comments submitted by Users via the e-mail.

In this sense, PROUN MEDIA S.L. may establish if deemed appropriate, without prejudicing the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Users, the necessary filters to avoid that through its websites contents or opinions considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory, or promoting violence or disseminating clearly illicit or damaging contents are published.

Those Users submitting to the websites of PROUN MEDIA S.L. or to its Suggestion Department remarks, opinions or comment through the e-mal authorize PROUN MEDIA S.L. the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, broadcasting, and emission in any format, storage on physical or logical means (for instance diskettes or hard disks), digitalization, provision firm data bases owned by PROUN MEDIA S.L., translation adaptation or any other transformation of said opinion or comments during the whole period of time foreseen by the copyright laws, unless the User expressly opposes.

Likewise, it is understood that this authorization by the User is made for free, and that due to the sole fact of sending these comments or opinions by e-mail, the User renounce to any remuneration by PROUN MEDIA S.L.

In accordance with the provision of the above paragraph, PROUN MEDIA S.L. is also authorized to make changes or alteration to the said comments or opinions with the aim of adapting them to the editorial format requirements of the websites, and these alterations shall in no way mean that any of the Users´ copyrights has been damaged.

Any of the technical, logical or technological resources by which a third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with profit our without it, of any of the contents, forms, indexes and other formal expressions being part of the websites or of the effort made by PROUN MEDIA S.L. for their operation are forbidden. More precisely, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that could be established of the websites of PROUN MEDIA S.L. without the prior and express authorization of PROUN MEDIA S.L. is forbidden. Any breech of this provision shall be considered harm to the intellectual property rights of PROUN MEDIA S.L. over the website and all of their contents.

PROUN MEDIA S.L. shall not assume any responsibility with regard to consequences derived from the above mentioned behaviors. It will also not assume any responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc. of third parties directly accessible or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links through the websites of PROUN MEDIA S.L.

Legal Notice, prepared by Queipo & Riego Abogados S.L.L. for PROUN MEDIA S.L. in compiance with Law 15/1999 on personal data protection and the LSSI (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de Información), 34/2002, as well as the laws on Intellectual Property. The content of this Legal Notice is registered in the Registro de Propiedad Intelectual Safe Creative (Intellectual Property Register) with the registration code1401139815371.

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